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Uninvited: Confessions of a Hollywood Party Crasher

Drawing on more than 20 years of interviews, anecdotes, and personal experiences, "Uninvited: Confessions of a Hollywood Party Crasher "recounts the unique journey of a former Los Angeles Times reporter who, struggling with the collapse of his industry and personal tragedies, falls in with a group of intrepid gate-crashers who routinely infiltrate Tinseltown’s celebrity party circuit. Author Adrian Maher is the first to chronicle this unique subterranean culture in La La Land—a group of social strivers, ambitious outliers, compulsive risk-takers, and dysfunctional characters seeking access to a famous and exclusive society from which they’ve been banned. Uninvited uses all the author’s skills as a veteran reporter, television producer, private investigator, and humorous storyteller to reveal the unseen capers, snafus, and mishaps behind Hollywood’s palace gates. It also exposes the personal struggles of an adrenaline-addicted gate-crasher facing perpetual moral challenges, physical dangers, and psychological stressors that culminate in near disaster.